What Compels You to Accheive?


Chase: Some people set goals so big that they have to chase them, they make sure they are almost impossible. They chase a big dream, knowing if it becomes reality their life’s work would be accomplished.

Pull: Some people are pulled by a vision. The future or the task they want to complete is so amazing to them that they can’t help but put in the work. They become obsessed with the what is happening.

Drive: Some people are driven to accomplish what they set out to do. They do not stop. They seize the moment and plan for the next one, they are like the shark in the little mermaid. They are moved by an internal drive to get the goal done, only after it is done can they rest.

Push: Some people are pushed. They are people pleasers. They are followers. They get things done because the consequence of not doing the thing is worse. They work because they want to eat. They are pushed into accomplishing others goals. They do the bare minimum.

You fit it into at least one of these categories. Everyone fits into more than one in different areas of our lives. The above list has nothing to do with personality. It has everything to do with desire.

Your goals, resolutions, ambitions for the next year will only get done if you choose your attitude about them ahead of time. So, take the list above and your goals and see what matches up. Maybe you are pushed to go to work, but you are driven to write poetry. Maybe you are chasing the dream of being a famous artist, but you are pulled to build a great family. Don’t let the goals you have compete with each other, but merge them into a single life, one that has you chasing an art career and maintaining a great relationship with your loved ones. Think whole life, think about what gets you to keep going, think about the victory and what is at stake if you don’t get it done. Don’t manage time manage your actions. You cannot spend all your time at work or in the gym, that means you have time for your family and friends. You have time to eat and play. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you could die tomorrow. If you do, would you be satisfied with what you did today? Some parts of life are routines; working, eating, sleeping, singing and others are events. Don’t live for events, those are fleeting milestones, that don’t truly reflect the beauty of  a single day in your normal life.

This is the last post on goals for a while. So, do what I do and forget about it. Then in a month come back and read it. Because it will still be important and as you look at a new calendar.

Side note for those that need to be pushed: You might find that you need to be pushed. If that is the case, surround yourself with big dreamers and a company that demands the best of you. Sometimes we just want to live and take it easy, but we still want all the good things, so we have to work 😉 Being around those people and in a place that makes your work will be to your advantage, you will help others achieve great things and be rewarded for it. Don’t let anyone judge you for having the desire for a simple life that isn’t encumbered by artificial goals. The goal to live and do good is enough.