Anger is fuel. It can be poured out and set ablaze, leaving destruction and pain.  It can also be condensed and contained to propel a piston forward.  Anger is like that. For some they get angry over trivial things and blow up, their mindset is so small that they make a big deal out of nothing. But then there is the anger like fuel, the anger that gets your ass off the couch. The anger that something is wrong and you will not stand for it anymore.

Because you are angry it doesn’t give you a right or privilege to do anything you want. I just want to be clear about that. You don’t get to rage out, you don’t get to be destructive, you don’t get to hurt people, don’t let your anger lead to the suffering. The anger I want to talk to you about is the kind that is against either injustice or the fact that we failed. I went to bed angry at myself. I stepped on the scale and I let myself down. I had taken my health lightly and I had given up on self control when it comes to eating. The scale revealed my results; the compound interest  of bad decisions. That anger I am taking into the new year with resolve to not let it happen again. Now that is a simple example, but what breaks my heart and I also need to step up to is helping children, and those less fortunate. But here is a fact a broken heart doesn’t move us to do the good we want. A broken heart makes us feel despair, like the loss of a loved one. Like there is nothing we can do. But anger, anger is fuel. If I started getting angry that children are born into prostitution, that children are treated like pinatas, Children are starving, that children around the world are continually in danger and politicians, those in power haven’t been able to help, in fact they create policies that hurt families.

You see, getting angry moves us, if there is an unjust situation and let it make you angry if it is going to get you to right the wrong. Let it fuel you to be constructive.