Money Goals


The love of money is the root of all evil.

Don’t love money.

Don’t put your hope in money.

Don’t live for money.

Money is a tool.

Money is energy.

Money is the transfer of effort.

As the new year approaches, we should also set goals on money. We need to decide how much we want to earn, how much good we want to do with it and how much we want to play with it, and invest in our future.

But the truth is, money is a result not a goal.

You cannot just go out and make more money without the exchange of something for it. Most people sell their time, some sell their skills, others sell their effort, some sell a product. All of it is in service to someone else.

Set your financial goals to align your serving goals and maybe while doing it you will store up treasure in heaven too.

But don’t be distracted by money. Don’t let it tear you away from your creative path. The truth is that some people have to choose a comfortable life or the life of their dreams, which sometimes means embracing poverty. Some artist won’t make enough to have all the fine things, some won’t make enough to eat, some would rather create then consume. If you want to create for a living, remember it must serve others, from the blockbuster movies to the Sistine Chapel, they all do something for someone other than the creator.