Two Things to Consider for 2018 Goals

As 2018 approaches a lot of people plan on making a new start. They have procrastinated long enough. Most will falter right from the start. They will learn that their goals, are just dreams on paper. I have been part of that group for years. The reason is simple, desiring is easy, taking action is hard. Some will hit the gym in January and others will waste money on memberships and not show up.

The simple reason most of us do not achieve our goals is we have weak desires and we do not believe we are capable of actually doing something.

I believe God gives us every good desire, just like natural talent, it is given regardless of race, religion. God is using humanity to bless humanity. God works through ordinary means, that means you and I. He has gifted everyone with the ability to serve. Before I get distracted, God gives us these desires and then say “here you go, I give you purpose beyond yourself.”  I hope that makes sense. God doesn’t say I will do it for you. No, he says “here is your journey. Train for it, practice for it, grow so when the time of testing comes you are ready.” But we look at it and understand that God’s offer is optional. We don’t have to take him up on it. We can try and pursue something we might want instead. Now if you believe in Jesus, then it is more complicated. You don’t get a pass. You have given up the option to do what you want. So, when God puts something on your heart, the only way to be with Jesus is to follow him, that means he will walk in that good desire and you need to catch up. Jesus says “take up your cross and follow me.” So, the desire to get fit, make money, or just sit home has to become second, to the desire to follow. Okay, now I am going will be off track if I don’t bring it back to the second reason we don’t accomplish our goals.

We don’t believe we are capable of accomplishing them. When it comes down to it the only reason you quit going to the gym is you don’t see results immediately, it hurts and you don’t think you are actually making a difference. Those three reasons are the same across all desire. If you want to write you have to embrace obscurity; you don’t see immediate results, it hurts to be alone, and you think about other things that make more of a difference than what you are doing. When it comes down to it those three things influence your view of your capabilities. What they don’t reflect is your ability to grow, to change into the person who accomplishes all that you desire, they don’t reflect the fact that going through those pain points will make you the person who accomplishes hard things.

I have to end so I can make it to work on time.

Here is the thing, focus on what you desire and realize that going through the pain will make you capable of doing things beyond your imagination.