A New Year A New Focus


Weekly posting failed miserably and that is okay. If this is your first time reading this, this used to be a daily blog, then a month-ish ago it went to weekly and faltered miserably.

Because of that I had time to think about what I wanted to write about. What turned me on. What direction I truly wanted to take Lead Utah in.

I came up with nothing.

In fact, I have been mostly wrapped up in the revival of my Christian walk, cartooning, and painting. My writing just puttered to a crawl. Okay, it stopped dead in its tracks. Because writing is more expressive to me than functional, I decided the majority of the new content will focus on Christianity as the foundation. Why, because that is what will happen as I dig into the Word (the Christian term for the bible).  I also changed the about page to reflect this. I will also refine that page again later. As for now Lead Utah will become a daily post again.

What I hope to accomplish is to grow as a Creative Christian who points to the ultimate Creator for the joy and well being of others.

The reason for not changing blog name is Lead Utah still works. Either lead people to Jesus, lead them to a better way to think about life and how to live, or lead them creatively, either way leadership is influence and I still live in Utah; that is where my influence plays out.

So, until tomorrow, God bless 😉

Just to be clear. We are going back to daily. The hope is this time next year It will be 365 posts in a row.