We do not create from nothing. We breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. Our minds are full of ideas we have taken in over the years. We have no original thought, but a combination of ideas that swirl together with our experience and hope. We have a problem and we find a way, we find material, we find a combination of solutions to make the right solution. Creativity is just that way. We create something, from other things.


This is no different from our goals. We don’t create goals out of nowhere. We see what already is and decide what it is we want to accomplish. We look around and see what others have done and decide to do the same or go bigger or smaller. We are free to do so. Our lives are ours to create.  With that being said. Are you ready to create your life next year?

There are many ways to go about doing it? I am sure if you will find more than enough here on Lead Utah to do it. But what I want to offer in this post is something different. a different way of goal setting and planning.

The action to take is to imagine what the world will be like next year.

I am not kidding. You have to predict the future. You have to say, “I think most websites will use bots to communicate with their customers.” Or “North Korea and the United States will go to war.” Or “Paperback books will make a comeback in the consumption of literature.”   Here is the thing, you have to research before you make your prediction. You have to take the time to study. If for instance you want to run a marathon like I do, you will have to research what race, when, what it will cost, what the weather was like, will you need to stay in a hotel overnight, what was other people’s experience of the race.  When you learn about the past it gives you an indicator of what is coming.  Here is the trick. If the experience is new, we are still all going through a version of the hero’s journey. Then we have a slight road map of what is to come.

The reason we can predict the future is we are looking at two things, what had happened and what is happening.  Do we know the future for sure? No, we have an educated guess about it. What we will do from there is navigate our current circumstance from that prediction. We will act kind of like Warren Buffet. We are putting our money where our mouth is now, because we know/hope in the end that it is going to pay out. This is what people do when they go to college. They put the time and effort in as they go through and hope in the end they come out with a well paying job. I know at one time people paid as they went and didn’t accumulate so much debt. But still today many people go to college to have the career they want. What they are doing is predicting that if they do this thing they will win in the end. It is the same thing for anyone who chooses to become an actor. They start with small parts, working in plays, auditioning for commercials, and in today’s world starting YouTube channels. They are acting in the moment, hoping that their future prediction will pay.

All of this seems like a no duh, but do you do it. If you believe that social media is the key to your future are you acting on it? If you believe that moving to California will be the key to getting your first gallery show, would you do it? If you believe moving to Mexico to help orphans will bring meaning to your life, would you give up the comfort? Here is the thing, whatever you want to do, someone else has done it. There are very few roads that haven’t been taken by humanity. If you want to predict the future look at everyone, the successes and the failures, look at their journey, look at their personality, look at what the past did for them and then apply it to the future.

Here is an example; comic strips are dead. It breaks my heart to say it. I actually believe if newspapers had more comic strips they wouldn’t be going out of business. They could have doubled down on the entertainment and shareable value of  the strips. Everyone loved them and that is what always got read. I digress. Comic strips aren’t really dead, they just don’t exist in the same way they used to. Since the rise of the internet, thousands of comics have come and gone. The oldies still exist and are still producing an income. Comics like their medium of newspapers before them, didn’t survive because they made money from the consumers, no, they made money because they sold the consumers’ attention to advertisers. I know that pay per click ads are starting to drop and change, but the art and artist will figure out another way, I am sure they will still sell the attention. Here is the point, anyone starting today in comics has a world of resource just from blogs, magazines, and most of the time they can ask the creator on social media, “how did you do it?”

I am going to end this ramble of a post now.

But here is the thing we need to walk away with. Making the world what we want it to be next year is going to take what has already been done and mixing it with what we want to do. It is blending the historical facts with our imagined future and taking action as if what we think is going to happen is true. When we do that we can then move with confidence and look ahead.  It is like the future is the past.