Frequency Change


The process must serve the end result. 

If you let that play in your head enough times you will apply it to your life.

I don’t want this blog to be only inspirational. I want it to be practical, usable, a resource for you to come to and be inspired and informed. I want  the words to make an actual difference. I don’t think I am achieving that daily. So, I will give weekly a try. I will take more than the 40 minutes or less to craft a post.  I love the daily writing habit, but I want to serve you better.

There are 122 blog posts right now. I don’t remember half of them. I think they do give me the constant exposure to you, my reader, but I don’t think they serve you as well as I want. With that I plan on taking my time to produce posts that aren’t just inspirational. The process I am going to use isn’t clear, but I know that it will fit into other goals that I am setting for the new year.

So, expect a new post on Monday. Have a great weekend.

The take away is that, to accomplish what you want, you have to be flexible and change what you do.