Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the world in general is fake. The guys and gals you work with will give you the “good.” after you ask how things are going and I am sure you give the same response; because we don’t want to talk about our real problems. What that means is we are fake too. Gasp!

We put our best foot forward and hope the world doesn’t see how beat up we are. We put on the holiday smile and hope nobody asks how things are going because we might break down and cry.

Everyone is on social media half naked and we can’t stand to look in the mirror without feeling like shit. We wonder  what is wrong with us. Why don’t we have our shit together, someone is going to find out we don’t know what we are doing. Someone is going to find out we are faking it.

It is bad enough knowing that we are just a reality check away from falling apart, but for someone else to know is unbearable.

I personally put my faith in Jesus. I am a broken and lost human being who couldn’t solve his own problems and constantly tries to. Here is why this is important, not because you need to believe what I believe, but that I believe that God works through the ordinary. That means nothing magical has to happen for your life to get better. That means that nothing magical has to happen for you; for you to stop thinking about happiness and start experiencing it through loving others, giving, and in your brokenness offer hope to someone else. What it means is I can say with confidence, that we are all broken, God loves you and has made the way Jesus, and in him we don’t have to worry about being perfect, but be loving. I know you didn’t expect a Gospel track in your face this morning. I didn’t expect to give you one. But I want to be honest with how I face every challenge and how I keep from throwing in the towel, how I keep from quitting and driving off a cliff. How I move past the fear of not being good enough, the sadness that overtakes me and makes me hate my life. I rely on the death of Jesus for my sins and failures, I hope in the resurrection of Jesus that my life doesn’t end with this one, and I have a hope in the church where Jesus has promised his Holy Spirit will dwell and be with his people. It would be wrong of me not to share the love that compelled God to work through his chosen means to offer it to you. That means is me writing about the hope in Jesus. I believe that God works through ordinary means and the more I read the bible the more ordinary life I see and I put my hope in what it says. It requires nothing heroic of you, just a turning of your heart to a God who loves you in your brokenness.

If you are tired of being fake, then just be real.