Reality Check


Reality check.

That was a saying.

It wasn’t a saying to make you evaluate what was possible, but to make you understand your limits.

Reality check, you don’t have money.

Reality check, she is out of your league.

Reality check…

Reality check, there are thousands of people who are good at what you do.

Reality check, that doesn’t matter.

Reality check:

There are billions of people in the world. They are trying to make a living and thrive. You might be an artist, a personal coach, an actress, a writer, a business owner, a web developer, a graphic designer, a public speaker, an editor, a gamer, and the list goes on but the reality remains you are not enough to service billions of people; not even millions. As hard as it is to believe there is room for others. They are not your competition, you are. Reality check, your world is as small as your view of it.