2017 Challenge


31 days left of 2017.

What would you like to challenge yourself with?


A better question is do you take yourself seriously?

I know the old adage “don’t take yourself too seriously.” but That might be why you haven’t really gone after your goals, or made them in the first place.

You might not think you are capable, smart, skilled, good looking, or dedicated enough to go after what you want. Here is the thing, to take your dreams, goals, ambitions seriously, you have to take yourself seriously. You have to believe what you are doing is important and you are the person to do it. You have to take the struggle seriously. Because if you don’t, you won’t act with urgency.

Urgency is serious. Serious is dedicated. Dedicated is unrelenting.

Don’t challenge yourself because you know you will succeed, challenge yourself because you might not.