If There Is No Pain, There Is No Gain


If there is no pain, there is no gain.  Longer than the original “no pain, no gain,” but there is a reason for that. We all want results and most of us (especially me) want them pain free. We don’t want to deal with the progress of pain. We don’t want to struggle through leg day, editing, or the feeling we totally suck at art, because we see something cooler in our mind. We don’t want the pain that comes with growth. The callouses that come with playing the guitar, the pain that comes with yoga, or the mental drain when you don’t know where a story is going, and it fizzles out. None of those things are reasons to quit, instead they are signs of progress. That is why it is if there is no pain, there is no gain.  The pain lets you know you are on the right track and making progress. It becomes the mental sign post that you are growing.

Just to clarify, healthy pain is soreness, unhealthy is something is broken or feels wrong.