Black Friday


What are you going to put on sale? What is supposed to be your supper deal to get the bargain shoppers in your door? What midnight deal, what high priced item, what is it you have that other people are willing to wait to buy only when it’s on sale?

I am not a Black Friday shopper, I am not a deal hunter, but I do know that some people will only wait until you have a deal to buy. The problem with this is they won’t buy when you are at a regular price. That means they might not convert. Black Friday was to get people in the door, it was to get them to do all their Christmas shopping at your store. But thank God, the internet broke that system, so that, you don’t need to go to the store and miss out on all the deals, you can get them online. I just hate the stories of mass greed and people getting hurt to buy something they don’t need. Long store short; if you sell one off items you may not win at discounting your price, but if you have a subscription type product, you might as well give it away on Black Friday. Because if you are that good they will keep the subscription.