Thanksgiving is Like Valentines Day


Being thankful.

Counting your blessings.

Enjoying family.

Getting together with family.


Enjoying good food.

Talking to each other.

Just making that phone call or sending that text to say Happy Thnaksgiving.

I never put the two together; Valentines Day and Thanksgiving, but they are the same. They are holidays that we celebrate, that are super commercial and should be a thing we do all year. But, most of us wait until its the season to do those things; be thankful or romantic. We wait for an event, or an excuse. Christmas is next and we will fall into the same trap. Waiting for an event to give someone we love a gift. Events are great, but they won’t build momentum in becoming a loving, thankful, and giving person; those need to be practiced daily.

What I am trying to get at is let the holidays be a catalyst for a lifestyle change. Practice being loving, thankful, and giving like it’s an art. (I am assuming you want to be those things)

Happy Thanksgiving!