Bad Luck Makes Heroes


When I was young, I thought so low of myself, I got Bad Luck tattooed across my chest.  Ever since then I have thought about ways to turn it into a positive, it has taken over a decade. Punk Rock, right… But I finally figured out how to flip it. All heroes are unlucky. They don’t have a story that is just good. People they love die, they are always facing a horrible loss, and someone is actively out to get them. On the surface being batman sounds cool, but I would rather be a spoiled rich kid with both my parents alive and well. Hold on; I almost went off on a road that leads down to fiction, Okay back to reality. There are plenty of real life heroes who deal with bad situations, that is what makes them heroes. Police, firefighters, soldiers, and leaders. Granted, they put themselves in the way of danger on behalf of others, but most face troubles of their own too.

Here is what is written on a sticky note on my file cabinet: Bad luck makes heroes of those who rise after calamity or catastrophe.

My point is in most cases something bad moves us to be heroic. We face the trouble and try to surmount it.  We don’t always get to choose out problems, but we do have to face them.

Now, for more bad news. We aren’t super. We are the opposite of Superman, everything can hurt us, and most of us only have one superpower. Did you catch that last part. Most of us have one superpower.  We have at least one thing we are above average at. It is using that gift that we can rise up and help others, it is with that gift we can overcome our trouble, and if the gift doesn’t work, then we will have to call on super friends, and if we don’t have any we will have to go out and find some. (I have not watched the new Justice League movie yet). Our bad luck isn’t going to stop us, in fact, it is what is going to make our story better, it is what is going to make our life feel like we lived.

I will end on this don’t end your effort when trouble comes, it is there as a test on how bad you want an outcome.

Bad luck can make you a hero.