A Slow Week

I had a setback this week, Monday.

It was my fault.

I let people down.

I ruined plans.

I didn’t grind, grind, grind.

I didn’t work in a field I was knowledgeable in.

I put my focus on the wrong things.

I learned.

I was learning as I failed.

It didn’t feel good.

After the setback, the failure, the disappointment; I refocused.

I learned why I failed.

I looked at my goals, I learned that my family is more important to me than work, money, or other success. Other success could be fame, personal satisfaction, or material good.

I learned that money doesn’t move me to work.

I learned that I have deeper dreams to be a solopreneur instead of an entrepreneur.

I learned that to do that I have to change.

I will limit my goals.

I will focus on only two next year. I have a third, but It isn’t detrimental to accomplish.  That is it. Both goals require sub goals, effort, and patience.

It’s Friday, I am scoring this loss as a win.

I am walking away better for it, and the pain of disappointment will teach me not to take on commitments lightly.