In general, most people are solutions. Some of us become problems.

You are a solution to someone’s real problem.

Entertainment gets a bad name, people are told to avoid it. Someone has had the idea that watching tv and playing video games, reading comic books, are bad for you. They see you doing what looks to be nothing and get upset. They think it’s lazy, or something. Yes, and to an extent you shouldn’t watch tv all the time. But you shouldn’t work all the time too. You are not a machine. In fact, if you were a male lion you would sleep 20 hours a day. Rest is required for all of us, we just need to not live like lions.

Let’s bring it together.

Artist, writer, actor, dancer, blogger, YouTuber, Instagramer, producer of content, you give the hard working people a reason to rest. We need to binge watch something. Entertainment is the only thing that will slow us down long enough to rest. We are human and we need to escape, we will spend plenty of our time dealing with reality.

That is it that is the whole post. Take a break and enjoy the solution to being a machine, rest or make something that people will enjoy so they can rest.