Don’t Be a Sucker


Manipulation in todays world is worse than  it ever has been.

My kids watch the show where the magician reveals all the tricks. When done in real life deceit is used, when on camera everyone is in on it, either way they want you to think the magic is real. That is how it feels the world works today.

We look at the world around us through screens. We gobble up other people’s bullshit about how great their lives are. We are not shown the ugly struggle to make their shit look good. We have consumed enough to believe that life should be pain free.

Everything in this life comes at a cost. To be a fitness model, you have to work your ass off, eat better than right, and be photogenic. To be a writer, you have to be alone, not in a coffee shop, not reading about writing, but writing alone, in your head. If you want to build a business, you have to sell something, you have to face rejection, and be responsible for the nitty gritty, like paying taxes, payroll, and providing health insurance. If you want to be a world traveler, you have to figure out the money, the lodgings, and where your next meal will come from, you’re basically homeless with a plan.  If you want to be a parent, all of the above applies and you have to be a moral compass.

Here it is Don’t Be A Sucker, life is full of challenges. Pick what you want to struggle for, pick better challenges. Choose what vision of the future will bring you the most memories as you struggle to get it; then get to work. If you fail, fail forward, if you are moving forward, then you are making progress. The struggle is one moment at a time.

And your life, is memories in the making.