Make Good Art


There are outside credentials to judge what we make. We can all hate it, but it doesn’t stop it. It doesn’t change the fact that good art is going to be judged, just like bad art will.  I am a fan of what I call ugly art. Art that is made in a half ass abstract kind of way. There is skill in it and intentional messiness. I also like books that describe less and tell more of the story. I like photographs that make me feel like I was there. I love food that smells great and looks like food, lovingly served. Then there is music. I love to listen to music. My brother plays music, through him I really learned to listen to everything that comes together. I also love smart lyrics.

Making good art isn’t making good enough art. That is what most of us do. That is why most of us fail. There is the next level of work on our art that needs to me done. It is the next level of oil paint, it is the third round of edits, it is bringing in one more element. It is work. Making good art is based on effort. But I have seen way too many people, myself included, not put in the work. To be clear the work isn’t time. It isn’t ten thousand bullshit hours. Time doesn’t make you good at something, effort does.

I hated, and still kind of do, hate art competitions. For me art is too subjective to be in a competition. But there are standards in those competitions that make it doable. There are too many variables, personal preferences, and it changes the nature of the art work in the moment. To make good art the artist must have an intention. )I am about to go off on a wild rant.) Art has its first purpose in the mind of the artist, it then has its truest purpose when consumed. It’s purpose isn’t to compete against another piece of art. (NO, I am done. I will not rant.)

Make good art means that there are standards. Bad art is still art, but it will always seem half done or immature.  This post for instance is immature. I could have thought through it more, I could have edited it. But the purpose of this post is to keep writing. It is to serve as an X on the calender of days written in a row. It communicates to the both of us. I learn what I think about a thing, making good art, and you learn what I think about it. But to most blog standards mine aren’t shareable, they aren’t even quick reads, I am sure it is okay.

Here is the point. Making good art takes effort. Do not let your lack of skill stop you, instead do what you can to build the skill you need to make good art. Then make good art.