Hustle Part 3 of 7


Distribution of what you are selling is determined by relationships.

Pretend we are back in the pre-internet days. If you wrote a column, comic strip, or article you would want a distributor/ publisher. Universal Press, for instance, had a connection with thousands of newspapers. They distributed your work to newspapers that wanted to buy it. Same thing with writing a book, the publisher had a relationship with book sellers and they would get your book stocked on shelves. The same thing with music and the record labels, except musicians hustled. Musicians put on shows, played clubs, and built a fan base. They printed up their own swag, paid to record their albums and went on tour. Once they hustled enough, a record label would pick them up and get them to the next level. No, matter what the musician had to show up.

Now, we don’t live in a time where publishers are doing all that well. They are still doing business and have plenty of connections. They still get authors and artists to another level. The truth is we cannot rely on them to do our work for us. We cannot treat it like a lottery ticket. Here is the thing we all need to be more like musicians. We need to love our work that we don’t mind getting in front of people and asking them to buy.

Hustle most of the time is building relationships of mutual benefit. Don’t think about what you can get but what you can give. Think about what your product, art, insight can do for someone else. Hustle to be of help and it might be easier for you to do.