Hustle Part 2 of 7


Why Make Good Art comes after Hustle. We don’t want to hustle. Most people don’t want to put in the work. There is the work that builds your craft and then there is the work of getting that work into the world. Van Gogh put in the work on his craft, but he relied on someone else to sell his art. Guess what didn’t get done. We need to have a hustler’s mindset. Not in a scammy way, but in a sharing way. I am not a pro hustler, so take what I say and do like I have to and experiment. Without the hustle your work might die with you.


This is going to be a quick four actions to take. Because there is no need for me to hype it up any longer. Hustle is about doing.

Share: Social media works best if you share. Most people don’t. What that means is you automatically stand out from the pack. Share your passion, projects, and life. Don’t be afraid to say this is me. The more you do it the better you will become. Take people behind the scenes.

Engage: Talk to strangers. Hate it, right. That is the only way they stop being strangers. Creators and consumers are online, build a relationship with them and they will help do the work of getting you and your work out there. Besides, we all could use more friends.

Encourage: There are other people who do what you do, and to be honest, their friends and family most likely don’t get the struggle. You do. Encourage them, root them on. What makes this part of the hustle? Everything! Yes, you will get peoples attention, if you do it online. But that is not as important as building relationships with people in your industry. Not to use them, but to grow with them. It is lonely at the top, is a popular saying. What they don’t say is most people aren’t going to be at the top, so make friends and keep leveling up. It is the small group of people working together that makes the world move.

Ask: We all need help. So, ask when you actually need it. If you do it online, you get attention and someone else will earn from your humility and boldness to ask. But in most cases it will be asking people to buy. This is where you need to have a mindset that is confident and full of self worth. You have to be able to say, buying this comic book will be one of your best purchases this year! So, do you want to buy two, one to give to a friend?

Post Script:

Wish me luck as I make time to do this myself.