Be Yourself part 7 of 7


We are at the end of one week long series and getting ready to jump into the next. But, we have to conclude this series first.

There was an unintentional theme that came up. If you read it over again, I am sure you will see it. It is summed up in one word; action.

The actions you take are your words in the world. They express you, they connect you to others, they show your value, and uncover your personality; actions are your words in the world. You can be quite, shy, loud, or you could be silent.

Next week will be about hustle; getting out into the world. The week after that will be; make good art. Win, lose, draw, the point of these posts isn’t to educate you. They won’t make you smarter or savvy. They all will point to you taking action. It is too easy to read, it is too easy to suppose, it is quite another thing to try. That is all I want from you. I want you to be yourself, doing things that you want to do, that make the world, your life, a better place. There is nothing special about this blog series, unless you, do you on purpose.  That is the only way this was a success. So, do me the favor, do things, you want to do. Be yourself, take the actions that will make you, more of you.

Start today!

It is Sunday, plot out your next move and then go for it.

I had one insight from a football game I watched yesterday. Take action, if it doesn’t work huddle and do it again, do it different, try something, if that action didn’t work huddle again, keep your eye on the goal and make every short term move count to getting there.

Make plans that reflect you, then execute.