Be Yourself Part 5 of 7


When you start something new you will probably suck at it. The same goes for putting yourself out there. Your new to communicating with more than one person at a time. You’re figuring out your voice and you are afraid of what people might think. Here is some good news. Nobody cares. They may or may not watch your Snapchat video, read your blog, or like your Facebook post.  The reason that is good is you can be you. You are making your art for you. All of this beginning work will develop a strong voice and confidence. Don’t worry that no one is reading, watching, or cares, this is the perfect time to fail.

Once you develop your voice and you start doing things to get attention to you and your work; there will be people who hate you. That’s right, you will have haters. Those haters will make up less than 5% of your fan base. They will love to hate you. They will buy your work to tear it down. Ignore them, thank them, but do not waste your time on them.

Here is the math, 100 people consume your creative work. 10% are vocal about it. Out of those 10%, 5% percent are super fans and will love you forever, the bottom 5% hate you, and waste their lives hating.  So, instead of focusing on 5 people who will always hate you; focus on the 95% who like you (most love you). Work for the 95% get better at your craft for them. Do not let 5 people who don’t love you, ruin you or feed into any kind of self doubt, you may have.

My introvert superpower. Growing up, my family moved around a lot. Which meant I did not keep friends for long. So, I learned not to care what other people thought of me. They weren’t going to be in my life next week. That was a double edge sword, it hurt and helped me. I have the self confidence to do what I want, but lack the social skills to keep friendships going that require keeping in touch. Do like I do and don’t let strangers determine your attitude about your life.

What I want you to walk away with is your opinion of you matters more than anyone else’s and if you have a low one; change it. Be your biggest fan.

One more thing before I forget; everyone wants you to win.  It’s the craziest truth I know. Go to a job interview and they actually want you to be good, they want to hire you, make a movie and people actually want you to have made a good movie, write a blog post and people actually want it to be good; people want you to win.  Your win is actually their win. So, go out there and do your best; don’t let haters in your head.