Be Yourself part 4 of 7


A quick recap, Be yourself, discover who you are, and do it on purpose. Connect with a group and don’t consume, but be of service and make friends. I feel like this really needs to be said, be a loving person and people will love you. I haven’t met someone who isn’t loving; I have met a lot of people who don’t extend it to everyone. Okay. Now to today!

There are things that light us up. They turn on the chatter box and surprisingly, we can talk for hours. That is what this post is about. It is about finding those things and filling your life with them. It is about inspiration.

What will set us apart from the pack is what we love. For instance, I know two fisherman, one I am related to the other I work with.  They love fishing. They love it so much and they learn about it. It will always be an expense for them. When they die I am sure that is what people will talk about. But they soak it in, they learn about it. It is their obsession.

You do not need to be obsessed with anything to be you. But what you do need to do is fill your life with things that inspire you; actions that make you want to be better. You need to watch movies that get you pumped.  You need to do this to fight off two things; Settling for what life offers, and feeding the creative beast that you are.

Settling is what happens when people throw in the towel. What keeps you going and pushing to be better is inspiration; get some. Let yourself be inspired. Don’t fight it, instead take action when it comes and build momentum before it dies.

Feed the creative beast that is you. That is right, the well of imagination can run dry. Feed it. Read, watch, write, draw, talk, and search for things that inspire you. Always be on the hunt for a way to do something different, better or more interesting.  Soak in what you can, but don’t forget that action will really absorb creativity. Creative see, creative do.

Here’s the thing. Inspired action will show you, you and make you, you. Get inspired and take action.

Don’t be a copycat. You might learn what you like, but you will never learn what your flavor is.  You are part of the spice of life, don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid that people will laugh, don’t be afraid people will hate, be afraid that you never lived your life.

We will talk about you and other peoples opinion tomorrow.