Be Yourself Part 2 of 7

That fundamental choice to be yourself, did you make it? Did you decide to be you or are you still observing.  There is always going to be a challenge when it comes to being you.  The most prominent one will be money.

People pursue careers they hate, marry someone they don’t love, or do things that they don’t like for money. Here is the thing at the end of the last post; I said your actions will reveal two things about you, who you are and what you want most.

Money gets in the way of those actions. I don’t hate money, or think it is the devil. I do think that people me included, don’t put it in its proper place. Money is a tool. It is not an end game. Unless you are Scrooge Mcduck  swimming in it. Money is a means to another end. Even the collection of it is a means to some other end. The super rich use it as leverage to buy businesses, houses, or influence their world. I digress. Money is the worst when it is focused on as an end goal. It doesn’t teach you about what you are passionate about, it doesn’t lead you to work you love, it can reveal that you are still trying to survive.  It will show if you think the world is full of lack, or it will show you think the world is abundant. What I know is you should decide who you are before you decided how much you want to make.

We are all going to die. But we will not all live. That is the truth. Most of us will resign to living a life that is about making a living until we die. If we have not decided who we want to be. If we just throw ourselves into the work force day after day, then we will miss the opportunity to be.

Here we go. I am average at a lot of things, bad at a lot of things, and good at other things. The only reason I am writing to you today is because I decided I am a writer. Because of that decision I write. This blog is part of that writing. But there is no income being generated from it. The reason is I am pursuing becoming more of myself over money. (Don’t worry, next weeks series is going to be about the hustle, it will be about making money.) Now, I have made two fundamental choices about myself, the first is I am a writer, the second I am an artist.  I have other choices that override those two choices I am a Father and a Husband. At the end when I die, I know those four things will be true of me and when someone speaks about me those will come up. Here is the point. You need to make a decision about who you want to become and don’t let making money get in the way of that.

After you watch yourself and do the work necessary to say I am _____.  Then go out and do it on purpose. Be you on purpose. Use money to become more of yourself, unless you are a bad guy, villain, or someone with bad intentions; then get help to change that. Bottom line, be you on purpose. Tomorrow we will talk about you in community, we all need one and most of us are dying without one.