Be Yourself Part 1 of 7


We begin this series with a look deep inside. Not, childhood trauma, deep. Deep enough that you could say this is me and this isn’t.  Do I have a list of questions ready for you to ask yourself, so you can answer them; no. That is not how it really works. How it really works is you first committing to be yourself.

The foundational commitment is where we begin. What that means is you must wipe away images of yourself. Ideas of who you are, and be.  You have to look back on the things that made you feel alive. For instance, building. People do that, not just for a living, but also for fun. Know that it is not on the top of a mountain feeling being alive that I am talking about. It is the getting lost in a conversation about what makes you happy. That happiness is only an element, but will lead us to an understanding of you based on actions and interests. The foundational commitment to be yourself requires, you take the time to know what you are good at, what you like doing, and what moves you to do something.

There is a danger in making a foundational commitment about ourselves. That is if we get it wrong. That is if for instance we claim to be an entrepreneur and in fact we build pottery. We choose to take on the image of something we are not, we deceive ourselves into believing we are someone we aren’t.  Now entrepreneur and potter are generic terms like asshole, jerk, lazy, go getter, artist, writer, scientist, or salesmen. We do not want to be stuck in a false view of ourselves and then chase an image that is not actually achievable. You will be you after all. So, really take the time. Look at your desires. Not everyone is a hard charging, by any means necessary, kind of person.

Let’s bring it all together; know yourself, don’t fool yourself.

Be you; if you want to go out and conquer the world through effort, do it. If you want to take a nap, watch Netfilx and write about tv, do it. Your actions will reveal two things who you are and what you want most. I will get into this more throughout the week. But the take away for today is; observe who you are and be you.