Introverts, extroverts, and all that are in between, want to connect. This is part of being human. It is deep in our makeup. We weren’t intended to be alone. We create events to be together.

But what about the guy or gale who is the wallflower.

Or the homebody.

They do too.  They just don’t want to be surrounded by strangers. They want to go to a place where they are known and they know others. The wallflower blossoms in front of friends and the homebody feels at home with people he or she knows.

The real challenge that faces us today is going out and meeting strangers and making friends. We are, after all, being judged for being on our phones.  For finding solace, entertainment, and relationships with people we already know instead of those next to us. I don’t have a solid answer except intention and purpose. If you have a purpose for being in a group of people focus on in it. Then set an intention to meet new people and make a new friend. Sometimes that’s all it takes.