As I get set up to write about being creative and doing work that you choose. I can’t help but think about the key ingredient. The thing that makes it worth wild. The best part of the work.

I am leaving you with that little cliff hanger on purpose. Because we need to talk about success. Success is nothing more than accomplishing your goals. That means money is not success, fame is not success, health is not success the reason why is they are in general a by product of goals. They are the indirect spoils of war. Money is great, but it is only a means to other ends.  It is a tool. Fame. Well, it looks nice until you get unwanted attention or you want privacy. Health, I would love to say being healthy isn’t success. The truth is being healthy, is success. I can’t knock it. This body is the only place we have to live and not being in pain, or tired is  success. Oh, and the ability to feel this organic machine run, at times is awesome.

Now the problem we have around the world is “why don’t you be like_____?” You know what I mean if you had that sibling that was always the favorite or just didn’t get into trouble (That was me). We are pointed in the direction of someone else and then told to be like them. We are pointed at famous artist, actors, writer, bodybuilders, dancers, musicians, entrepreneurs and told do what they did, be like them. Unintentionally, they feed the monster of comparison and write books in hindsight about how they did it.

With that in mind, I want to get down to the key ingredient to success.  I want to give you the key and if you want, you can open the door to more work, more struggle, and more you. Be yourself. That’s it. That is the key. Okay, there is a little bit more to it than that. Here it is:





Busy, cute, right. But it is what I will be building the next few weeks of posts on. Be busy doing the things you love and they will build you. The work will do twofold, one reveal who you are and two make your work reflect you. It is the ever vital work of your voice. It is the how and why you do something. It is building your platform and having a genuine message or expression to share from it. For now, do your busy work and I will see you tomorrow.

OH, in case you missed it the key ingredient is you. Your life, your experience, your skills and passions. You are the most important thing you bring to any creative work. You define success and your work will reflect what you value.