Lead If You Want

Leadership isn’t the role for the follower.  Leadership is the expression of those who want something different and are willing to go out and try, they are willing to take the lead. Some people get training and others have such a strong vision of the future that they are pulled to it and that brings others with them.

The trick to leading is to swallow your fear and do the work. The trick is to take the arrows from the front and the back. The trick is to remember there are people rooting for you to succeed. Followers need leaders. Artist, writers, dancers, musicians, creative people are leaders, and in general do not lead from positions of authority.  They lead from a position of influence. They get that influence for stepping out and doing their thing.

You can follow and lead. We all do.

Or you can just follow.

There is no shame in being you.

Just know you have the choice.