I have to start out with an apology. I am sorry for not editing my last post. I did go back and fix the one horrible sentence that stopped me in my reading tracks. But I didn’t go back and make sure everything flowed smoothly when it came to content.

So, here is my none solution:

Most of the time I have time to give the post a once over. I fix sentences as I go and then hit publish and run out of my house. Then I run back in because I forgot something.  So, my aim this week is to experiment with this winning formula. I may write tomorrows post tonight and then edit it in the morning, or write another post after this one and save it in the drafts. Edit that post tomorrow publish it, then write the next days post. What matters most here isn’t the edited post, but the daily writing. To my count I am at 78 days of writing and I am not about to break that. In reality, I will probably just continue to wake up and write; just like this.  Because the morning is the only time I really have control over and no distractions.

So, here comes the advice, the wisdom! Do creativity your way, do life your way, work your way, and then edit so it actually communicates to others. After all, art reaches its full potential when shared.