6 Keys to Time Management

I read somewhere that we don’t manage time, we manage action. That is what life is about right. We need to survive, we need to rest, we need to be in community, we need to express, we have a lot of needs and not a lot of time. Yet, time keeps drowning us, it doesn’t stop it is so abundant and we are so finite. We pause and it doesn’t we need a break and it keeps going. We just want to take a nap, recuperate some of our mental energy and time keeps going strong. We do not manage the raging river, we navigate our way through it.

Let us use some tips and trick to get through this river:

  1. Purpose: What ever your why, your reason for being is do that first.
  2. Block your time: Just like that I know in the morning I will make myself write and in the afternoon workout. And work the day job. I know what actions I want to take and try to set aside time for them.
  3. Tell people no: It is your life and you don’t have to spend it with people who bring you down, invite you to things you don’t like, or do a job you hate.
  4. Say Yes: That is right, you also want to say yes to things that might be out of your comfort zone. They might frighten you, say yes do it anyway.
  5. Waste it the way you want to: If you want to bing watch The Walking Dead, then do it. Set aside the time and do it. It is your life and don’t let people judge you for doing something that you like. Besides that watching TV is a great talking point to others and a weird shared common experience.
  6. Rest: Get some sleep, take a nap, be fresh for the day. There is no use in being tired and half awake in life; get some sleep and be fully present.
  7. Don’t drink energy drinks. That has nothing to do with time management, I just really think it’s bad for your health and what you really need is food and sleep. I see too many people thinking that it is a solution when the problem is their work doesn’t excite them enough to keep them awake.

P.S. The headliner is just for attention lol and a little insight on this post I had no idea what I was going to write about. None! I found the featured image and then went at it. Anyway, I hope you have an awesome day!