Act on Big Dreams


Dream big.


It is an easy saying.


It is easy to do.


But what happens when it is time for you to act?

Did the big dream, the big goal, get too far from reality? That is okay if it did. Today, right now you can make sure you are on the path to that goal. All it takes is a few special words and your process, your next step will feed the end result.  They will keep you on task and they are so simple that I hope I am giving you enough hype that you might actually start using them. “In order to”  That is it.

For instance: I am going to write a blog post today, in order to build my following, I am going to build my following in order to share my work, I am going to share my work in order to build a portfolio, I am going to build my portfolio in order to get work, I am going to get work in order to do the work I love for a living, I am going to do the work I love for a living in order to spend my life doing what I love, I am going to do what I love with my life in order to look back on my life and have no regrets.

Now that is not a big, big dream, but to be honest in today’s world that dream for most people is huge. That dream is real. That dream inspires more creatives than money or fame. But you get the point I write this blog in order to share my thoughts and help others in order to make sure I don’t waste my life 😉

So, make it a habit to say “in order to” before you start a task. What it does is ensure your actions feed your end goals.