A Deadly Routine


What I have noticed about being human is, no matter what we find something to do.  Food, shelter, and warmth met we need more than this. The basics do not satisfy us. They never have and never will. Our minds want to use our bodies to explore the world. We move from the bottom level thinking of survival to higher levels of understanding and happiness. Being human is very much a gift and a drive. We cannot help but be human. Even the lay abouts who watch TV all day. They live off of the excitement of what will happen next.

We are also drawn to routine and for some of us that routine is our life saver. As long as we can maintain the routine, we have control of our lives. We don’t have to worry about tomorrow, we don’t have to put ourselves at risk. The danger for those who want to make great work is they can get caught in a safe zone, a comfort zone, a place they don’t have to push or try. The danger is the are slowly killing the creative spark inside them. They are wearing it down.  Eventually, they will either put it away or do something drastic like change their routine to get it back. The change of routine for them is a small death. Here we are to the main point of the post.

To truly be human we must go through the hero’s journey many times in our lives. You must taste little death of self and of false notions of what it means to be you. Our routine reveals more about our character, than anything we say. Our calendar, our time, is no longer used just to survive, we get to bear creative fruit of unknown quantity and quality.