Become a Mad Scientist


You have to test.  You have to be a mad scientist willing to poke the box, build the monster, or be the guinea pig. Have you read books telling you how to do, or had gone to school where they tell you what to do, or you have just been watching people do it? You know it, the work, the art, the projects you wish you could be a part of.

This post is for you…

You have to be the mad scientist.

You have to have a vision that failure isn’t an option. One that embraces failure as the path to success. One that leaves in its wake experiments, trials, and complete work. That is the only work that matters. Please understand, you won’t know if it works if you don’t see it all the way through. Each project is a piece of the vision and an experiment and only a few are worth changing in the middle. Dissect the project when you’re done. Do a pre-autopsy to find out why it would die before you start. Don’t be lazy, put in the work, bring your vision to life.

Before you know it, someone will be looking to you for answers and insights.