Your Hero’s Journey


What am I willing to struggle for?

When you embark on this great adventure called life. You need to learn, you need to grow, and you need to struggle. The hero’s journey laid out by Joseph Campbell really does reflect our lives. Or the other way around. What matters is that you take encouragement from it to persevere or learn from it. The journey is below in bullet points ūüėČ

  • The ordinary world: Where the hero begins.
  • The call to adventure: Something out of the ordinary calls the hero to do something or go somewhere different.
  • The refusal¬†of the call: Sometimes the hero turns his back on destiny.
  • Meeting the mentor: The hero hit¬†a bump in the road and the mentor helps guide him on the journey.
  • Crossing the threshold: The hero is at the point of no return and must decide to go forward or shrink back.
  • Test, enemies, and allies: The Hero is faced with enemies that and test that grows the hero’s experience,¬†and along the way allies that help in many ways.
  • Approaches the inmost cave: This is either internal or external, but the hero is going deep and learning what he is made of.
  • Ordeal: This is when the hero faces his greatest fears, and has a taste of death.
  • Reward: The reward is what the hero walks away with, after the ordeal. That could be confidence or cash.
  • Road back: The hero recommits to completing¬†his task.
  • Resurrection: The hero defeats the boss, he¬†has done the impossible, he has tasted death and is new. The final challenge is complete.
  • Return with elixir: The hero returns and it is a benefit to the ordinary¬†world.

Some of our own personal journeys don’t make it past the call to adventure. And that is because some refuse the call. They are on the brink of a new world with new challenges, and they refuse. Some make it all the way to the test and instead of keeping the resolve they quit. Others make it to the ordeal and they face the challenge and get the reward. Other’s at the end of the journey have found that their old insecure self has died and they can now do things they never imagined. And some go back to the ordinary world changed and with an antidote¬†for the blindness to life.

Sometimes we have the opportunity to step out of our own way and do new things. We need to embrace the journey and realize life isn’t about what you get but what you become. And becoming has¬†more to do with the struggle than with looking like you know what you’re doing.

What are you willing to struggle for?