The Work of Being You

Take a moment and think about yourself. Think about the work that you have done. Think about the work that you want to do. Think about the result of that work. Think about your skills, passions, and what has gotten you to this moment.  Did you do it on purpose?

Leadership, begins with responsibility. It begins with looking at the past and accepting whatever it was that happened and moving on. If you had a trauma, you must be the one to take responsibility to heal it. I know sucks right. People experience horrible things and then they have to pick up the pieces after. But that is the way it is. But that’s not all our story. No, some of us just float down river. Some just let it be. Some bitch and complain and nothing ever changes. Those people aren’t leaders. They won’t create something for others to enjoy.  They will do what they are told and that is about it. Are you willing to take responsibility for your life and outcomes?

Smile. We are going on an adventure. You, you will create, lead, and inspire just by doing what you love. It’s weird right. But that is how it works. When you see enough people doing what they love, you believe it is possible to do what you love. So here is the work. You have taken responsibility for your life. Now you decide your point of view. How are you going to see the world? What makes you different? What makes you stand out? Now, what kind of work will you do? How will doing it make you more passionate? What skill do you posses or need to acquire to do it?

The work will become the platform on which you stand to express yourself. The impact you have will depend on how many people it resonates with. In the end you will have a strong voice. If you continue the rest of your life; you will have a legacy.