You Have To Lead Your Own Life 


Two things will point you in the right direction, most of the time. Your personality and what you enjoy doing.

Your personality is different than your attitude. Some people get those two things confused. You might be a funny person with a negative attitude or you might be a hard working person with a careless attitude. I know those are really generic, our personalities are made up of different things, but our attitude is something we can change. Our attitude is based on how we choose to feel about a situation. But our personality is something I believe we cannot change. We are who we are. I believe this helps us, it points us to situations, or people that we can actually enjoy. Here is the thing, as humans, we enjoy solving problems. Video games, puzzles, and board games are problems.  We enjoy them and depending on our personality it will depend on what problem or game we are going to solve. There you go! Your personality will decide the best type of work for you. Not because you will be the best in the world. NO, because you are suited to getting it done. I know people who clean to relax, I also know people who love doing puzzles. And when you meet them it makes sense. They like to be busy. It is a part of who they are. Sitting down doesn’t sound good to them. They love to be active. I also know people who love to sit down and watch cartoons all day.  They use all of their mental energy and just need down time to relax. Some people need long breaks from work and others short bursts away. (Ending digression) I am no expert in career advice, especially because there are millions of different types of jobs in the world. What I know is it doesn’t matter how hard we try, we will suck at some jobs and are better suited to others.

(Back on track) That fun, that joy at doing what you are doing is the next indicator. It is the perseverance of doing hard things because you enjoy it.  It is back to picking a game that suits you. Your skill at it and your desire to get better will lead you to leveling up. The work you do will be just as enjoyable as a video game. Once you have gotten out of novice stage you will start to enjoy the game more.

If you don’t enjoy your work, develop a healthy discontent. A healthy discontent, will get you to act. A healthy discontent will, say “I want to enjoy my life, what do I need to do to do that?”  It is an active responsibility.

I know it’s Saturday, but if you don’t like your Monday to Friday, Figure yourself out and take action.  You have to lead your own life.