80/20 and You


The iceberg. You have heard about it. It’s the eighty twenty principle.

Patero’s law.

It is to the victor goes the spoils kind of principle.  It is one that has been shown true over time in various industries and situations. So, let’s apply it to us.

What we do, what we know, and how we live is only seen by others twenty percent of the time. Eighty percent is unknown. The same is true for others. It is when we dig deeper, that we learn more. Until there is about twenty percent unknown. That twenty to some is sacred and they don’t share. They hold back that is their private life. For other’s eighty percent of their life is sacred, it isn’t for the world to see.

We live in a time where social media has made our lives share able, but most people scroll, 150 yards a day. They are lookers. I will share with you the big ah ha moment I had yesterday. I had to stop what I was doing and write it down.

When it comes down to the “why does it matter in the end; death.” Art, writing, and anything else is about helping people enjoy their short time in a cruel world.

That is why people are lookers. They just want a break from what is real, from their own lives. We are forever fascinated with each other. All of our entertainment is based in a good story.  Even our adventures we want to share at the end. What this means for us is our story matters. Our efforts, our trials, and our achievements are best when shared. Find your balance, what twenty or eighty do you want to share, because that is what you will be known for.

Believe it or not, people will find interest in what you do, know, or are passionate about.