New Idea


What do you do with new ideas?

Do you treat them like a fish in a water tank? Tap on the glass say something cute about how you would name it.

Do you treat them like a trip to the department store for a new pair of shoes? Try them on, give it a little walk about. Decide if maybe they fit and take them home.

Do you treat them like a painting in a museum? You see what others have done with them but leave it there. Art is for the rich and artist.

Do you treat them like a sport? You will pay to watch others work and do what they love, cheering from the sidelines.

Do you plan them to death? You grab the idea and plan on implementing until you make it impossible to actualize and watch it die on your calendar, as just an idea.

Do you get excited about them and start? Then when it becomes work just let it slip through your hands until you forgot you even tried.

Do you put them to work?

Not every new idea is worth trying. Not every new idea is for you.

But it is new ideas that keep us relevant and fresh. We don’t get them from sitting at the table looking at a blank paper.  We get them by getting out and seeing the world. Reading new books, watching movies,  exploring our environment. We get them because we have new problems and they require a higher level of thinking to solve them. Test new ideas and then decide if they are right. The nice thing about a test is you don’t have to commit to the outcome, just the experiment.