Looking at the Coulds


At the beginning of most endeavors the mindset is positive. We believe we can accomplish our goal. But then something happens. Something that changes our course. Something that we didn’t see coming. That something for a business could be a new competitor, a new widget that makes your product obsolete, or a law that destroys makes doing business impossible. If you’re an individual, you could meet the love of your life, you could have kids, you could get fired. Life comes at us and what we need to do is be open to the possibility of what could be.

There are two kinds of coulds. The first is retrospective the other is future prospects. The past tense coulds would do no one any favors. It would create a false notion of who we are as a person or as a business. We must live knowing our actions reflect our character and we have control over our actions. Waht that means is instead of saying I could have, we say this is what I did and here is where I am. Here is the trick to the second could. It is based on our perception of the future.  If we are open to good things, or bad we are able to take action. For instance, “that could never happen to me” is a popular one, but it doesn’t prepare you when it does happen. You and I need to look at the future and say I could do that. When we say it our imagination floods in and show us how we would do it.

To conclude.

The right kind of could is the open kind.

An unbiased look into the future.

Smile, you could do a lot of good.