The Unseen Good


You have to care enough about people to want to do good for them.  Life can be simple like that.  We get thrown off by a false morality that says if you want to do good for someone you must do it for free. In some instances that is true. If someone falls and you help them up don’t expect a tip. If someone’s grocery bag splits open you don’t look at them and ask if they want help, but first state your price. No, you help them.

It’s not work, it’s charity.

But work is like charity. Work is, should be a good deed done for someone else. Work, business is the exchange of good’s and services for money. We miss this point in our society. We miss the good we do for others. We forget about the person working in the field, we forget about the police on patrol in the dead of night, we forget about the person working behind the counter getting our burrito ready so we could have a fast hot meal. We expect to pay them and we don’t consider their lives as a part of the human whole making our lives possible. At times we are grateful, but we are mostly unaware.

What about the creative, the writer who puts three years of their life into writing a story, crafting each paragraph to be clear. Dozens of rewriting and the pressure of doing it right.   Suffering crippling insecurity of worth and then at the end, hoping they wrote something others would enjoy. It is a service people scoff at paying for because it is time consuming. It is a pleasure that demands more than idle observance.

That same pain is the one most artists go through. In fact, we are made to believe that artists are supposed to give away all their work and be grateful that someone else enjoys it. Like they are doing us a favor by consuming our art. But, that is the price we pay. Unlike anything else, our worth and work is personal.  The more people we connect to the more valuable our art becomes. The more someone else shares our work, the possibility for us to make our living increases.

We do good, but it isn’t seen the same as something practical. I just want to end with this, fantasy, whimsy, and sci-fi have done more to fuel what it means to be human and pushes us beyond what is seen. We are doing a good with our arts.

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