Every good deed deserves a hype man. Every win deserves a trump to sound and a cheer at the end. You deserve a pat on the back and a moment to tell of your triumph. You set out to get shit done. Your house was a mess and now it’s not. You got to the gym, kicked ass, even though you didn’t want to. You pushed hard all year and you’re down 5lbs from last year. You struggled to make a sale, not a big sale, but a sale on your self published comic, but you finally did it.

You accomplished something that took effort.

Brag about it.

Don’t ever celebrate alone.

Here’s the thing, don’t brag in a look at me kind of way.  Instead, learn to take people on the journey.  Take them on the hero’s journey with you. Brag in the best way possible, let them join in on your experience. We started at the bottom now the whole crew made it here. Don’t humble brag, flat out brag, but do it in a way that people feel your victory.

If you are out in the world doing good and no one knows it, no one gets inspired. But if you’re out in the world doing good and you tell others, they might just want to join you. Bragging isn’t the worst thing, it’s just got a bad reputation.


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