Encouragement For the Day

Embrace the natural talents you have.

Embrace your history.

Embrace your personality.

Embrace your work ethic.

Embrace your face and body.

Embrace the moment you have right now to live.

We spend too much time wishing instead of doing. We spend too much time watching instead of doing. Life is full of precious moments that we take for granted. Being moved to take advantage of the opportunities that are ahead of us requires living in this moment. It is easy to get sidetracked thinking about how life could be or should be. It is easy to focus on going to the gym and getting fit, but never putting your body to the test by going out and doing something.  It is easy to get focused on starting. It’s easy to look at our mind, body, family, life, situation and believe our only opportunities are self improvement.  But that isn’t always the case. Most of our greatest opportunities will come from helping others. They will come from embracing who we are and deploying ourselves into the world. They will come from believing we are good enough to do something.

Embrace this moment and do the best you can. That is good enough and so are you.