Creative or Weird

There is a fine line between weird and creative.  Weird and creative are like kissing cousins, weird lives on the nonsensical side, and creative uses purpose. Weird has no basis in realistic notions. It lives with a false view of everything and then goes for it. Sometimes the weird endeavor works, but most of the time it is discarded as a WTF. Creativity works with reality, it takes what is, what could be, or what was and pulls things into it’s magic pot.

Sometimes we need to get weird. We need to loosen up. We need to break out of what is known and get crazy.  Getting weird is a great way to find new ideas and new ways of solving problems. But being weird, doesn’t work if you want to get shit done. You have to have structures in place and limits and a grip on what you can really accomplish. As much as I would love for you to get weird and go wild, I think you would be better off cleaning off your desk and clearing your mental folders.

There are weird people in the world. It isn’t always a good thing. They aren’t the hip, cool kid who dresses differently. They are the I carry a baby duck in my jacket pocket down a dark ally weird. Weird people are disconnected and are not trying to connect. They are insulated and as the unwritten rule art, truly becomes art when it is shared.  If I were to put it in a different perspective, you’re either Jerry Seinfeld or Cosmo Kramer. Jerry’s work connects with people and Kramer’s, well he has none but his life makes for a great story.  It is up to you to make sure your work connects with others. Weird or not.