Try It

“I made some cookies. They are new, totally new, I spent weeks in the kitchen creating a new recipe. I had scoured the library and bookstores to test old recipes and find common ingredients and cooking methods. These cookies are the ultimate desert treat. I promise once you have had one, you’ll want another. My mouth is watering, The texture is perfect, and every single cookie is just as perfect as the one before. I have to share these cookies or I will get fat eating them all to myself.” Tree Elf

If we are marketing or advertising something we have to believe in it. If we don’t, we will come up with some gimmick to get people to try our product. The word belief can be replaced with enjoy, use, or love. Our ability to want to share what we made will make good advertising, or marketing. That is it and the simple reason is we know what is good about our product, art, or service that we will see it when we share it. It will come across as pride in your work.

But not all advertising or marketing efforts are focused on the product. Some of the best are focused on the feeling the product provides. The excitement of being alive riding on a motorcycle, the joy of being surrounded by family at a restaurant at dinner, or enjoying a delicious cookie with your kids.

The main creative effort is to try to get us to try it. It is to say this is good and I want you to have some.