Beast Mode

Bodybuilders, weightlifters, crossfiters, and athletes of all kinds have used the term beast mode.    So, here we go. It’s Sunday the traditional day of rest. The traditional day of the week to get your soul recalibrated.  It is also a time some prepare for the week ahead. It is a day that in this season is dedicated to watching others work/play sports. This week ahead  most people will actually engage in robot mode. They will go to work and perform the same task over and over and over. Most shut down their thinking minds and just do the work at hand, waiting for the day to end.

Beast mode is when they go to the gym.  It is when their bodies get the most positive use. It is when they let the primal drive to move, push them harder than enjoyable.  It is the athletic human drive to push ourselves to new levels. But that doesn’t engage our creative mind, our thinking mind, our souls.

Humans live beyond best beyond beast mode.

We are most human when we feed off creation and create.  We become absorbed in making something new with our hands. We unleash our ability to play with the universe and create. We become artisans and turn the normal and ordinary functioning tools into art themselves. We each have our own specialty and it is up to us to develop it and enjoy it.  Beast mode is a great feeling, but being human is even better.