On Guard!

Life happens. Somethings help, others hurt. We have routines that help and some that hurt. We each think differently and are equipped differently to handle life. So, be on guard. Protect your weaknesses. That is it.

Everyone has a weak point and the consensus is to protect it and play to your strengths. Your life on this planet is too short to try to be perfect. The best option you have is to put systems and people in place so you don’t have to be good at everything or know everything. Our entire economy is built on it. Each either doing what they do best at or each doing what someone else would rather not do. Before tube paints, artist grounded their own paint. They stretched their own canvases and did a lot of work that wasn’t painting. Now artist, can focus on the art.

Whole industries are built around people’s strengths. Sports is the prime example of it. From promoters, to agents, to players, to owners, to athletes, to merchandising, to every media platform, to fan games, and tailgates.  That is just scratching the surface of dreams built up around the sports and people who love the games we play and want to be involved. Each person works to their strength and the fans willing to feed the ecosystem with their money keeps the games going.

So, guard your weaknesses. Let your fellow man protect you.  If you are sick, go to the doctors and what you get is their entire medical career and training for a fraction of the price it cost them to get it. If you need legal counsel, the same applies. Car maintenance, go for it, let someone else do what they love and you, you get busy doing what you love. Guarding your weakness means you have people in place to do the things you will never be good at.

There is another way to guard against your weakness, and that is systems. You build routines like direct deposits and automatic bill pay. You wake up and drink water (okay, I wake up, drink coffee and write) You stretch and  eat a healthy breakfast not because it is what you feel like doing but it is what you are dedicated to do. You know you have a propensity to gorge on junk food, buy fruit instead. You set your alarms and if needed get others to help. The buddy system at the gym means someone else is counting on you to show up. That means you will most likely show up. At work if you need to clean your office do it either at the end of the day or at the beginning that way you start off fresh. There are hundreds of books with systems in them so you can get shit done. The point is most of us have weaknesses in our routines that hold us back. They feed our laziness or procrastination. One last note, make sure your routines feed your strengths and make you better at the things you are already good at.