It should be a thing, not just an art movement and style. Tech companies try to measure it. With total impressions that you have made.  It sounds a bit silly, but it is what we are trying to do when we post online. Leave an impression that is. We want to be remembered. We don’t want to be another voice shouting into the noise.

It is up to us to connect with those who are listening. Just like a painting gives you the feeling of a thing. The same applies to those who listen to you. Those who read your writing, watch your video, enjoy your art, or do business with you; they connect and are left with a true impression.

Which brings to mind some sayings that sound good but don’t apply to everyone or every situation and the one that comes to mind is; “you have two ears and one mouth for a reason,” or “don’t try to impress but be impressed”. I understand that whoever said this was trying to convey a sense of be interested in others, but the truth is, no one will know what amazing things you have done if you don’t tell them. It’s not bragging its connecting.  I love listening to people talk, I love asking them questions, and I love to try to get them to live bigger.  I believe most people love to hear good stories, but what they want more than that is to be invited along for the next one.

Be an Impresssionist and build your connection over time. Show up and love the people in front of you, or who consume your art.  Being impressive doesn’t mean you have the ear of the whole world, it means you have the attention of those who matter to you. For instance, most famous painters today, are not household names; they just have influential and rich patrons.  They don’t need to sell me their art. I am not the person they want to impress. Don’t measure your reach by how wide you go like space, but measure how many connections you make, like the constellations.