Creatives Ruin Everything

The world is changing. Creativity is touted as a value, but the truth is most people hate it. They hate change and creativity is the foundation for it. Teachers do not want creative students, it doesn’t mix well teaching one to thirty. One creative kid would disrupt the whole class, it would throw off the curriculum.  It would hinder directed learning. Before I continue I am not opposed to traditional learning. I believe it has its values and its flaws. It is just an easy starting example.  When a grown man gets into a job traditionally he is looking to settle down.  He moves into the groove and rhythm of things.  His life becomes stable. Average people become satisfied even with dissatisfaction. They build routines and have vacations from it. The Creatives on the other hand. They accept their dissatisfaction and want to change things. They want to poke and prod the process.  They don’t want their boss telling them what to do.

They crave freedom.

Freedom to ruin everything.

That is what Creatives do.

They come into an industry and ruin it. At one time art was very practical and traditional, then it wasn’t. Classical paintings of realism gave way to impressionism. The piano gave up its place to the guitar and the orchestra to the mixing board. Journalists lost their space to the bloggers.

The disruption of learning to live a normal life will continue. It is not out of hate, but boredom and then the rest of the world sees the fun to be hand and adopts the disruption. Then it becomes a new norm.

The student in the traditional class will succeed if she learns to raise her hand and say, pick me or I have a question. That is the value traditional classes bring by the way. It is actually standing in front of others and participating. It is the only hope the none disrupter has of making it. They must jump in and fill the void, they must take the lead.  They don’t have to over think it, but navigate it. Those who don’t will be left behind will have to raise their hand and get uncomfortable because time and change wait for no one.

AI is going to be here soon and it is then that our most human traits will be needed to survive. I am not speaking in a world ending kind of way, but a switchboard operator kind.   It will be the communities we build that will see us through and our ability to help where we can. After all, all business and leadership is service.