The difference between busy work and actual work is outcomes. Busy work tends to be the in between work. Cleaning, rearranging, or going for a run. In life, business, or any creative endeavor, there must be time for idleness. It is the creative’s playground.  It is the moment the mind gets to relax and new ideas flutter in and take over the imagination. Idleness is not busy work. Idleness is doodling.  Busy work is work, it is choirs, cleaning up the files on your computer, going through your contact list.  Busy work has small accomplishments that lead to more work. Actual work is the end in and of its self.  The bodybuilder knows that going to the gym that day will lead to the results he wants down the line. Creating the life we want requires us to put the busy work in its place. It cannot be front and center, but needs to be a supportive task. Before we launch our day we need to think about what our activities will lead to. Are we focused on the outcomes we want to create? If it is writing a novel are we working on that daily? Do our daily activities produce the outcomes we want?

The simple point of all of this is it is easy to create to do lists.  We can get caught in activities that do not accomplish the results we want. If we set our limits by the actions we are willing or think we need to take, we will not accomplish the outcomes we truly want. Set the outcomes first, then takes the proper (or wild) steps to get there.