Wow Yourself

What we have missed in our understanding of work and being creative is that the worker, the creator is the first person to take pleasure in the creation and work that is done.  There is a wow factor that Tom Peters talks about.  It is meant to be a goal, to blow away the client. To make a project so cool that it stands out. But the trick that we miss is we need to think it is so cool.  We need to be impressed.  If we are writing a novel, then our story should engross us first.  If we are working on a sales letter, then we should be selling ourselves. Even with this post, it needs to make me want to get out and create something that inspires me.  For all the talk about how unique we are in all of humanity, it is the similarities we have with others that empowers our art.  It gives life to our creativity.  It is that connection that gives us the assurance that if we like something there will be more people out there who like it too.

It is Monday. Get to work on making something that excites you, then share it.